Branded Travel Kits That Make Great Promotional Swag

11 Jan Branded Travel Kits That Make Great Promotional Swag

BackpackFor affordable and efficient branding, put your logo on the most useful items possible, and what’s more useful than travel kits? This swag product idea is especially good if you have clients that travel often or if you are handing out products at a convention in which people traveled to attend. The many different types of kits that follow are a great way to spread your brand while helping out your customers.

Airplane Kits

These are particularly useful for clients and customers who spend half their working life in an airplane. A good kit for air travel will include an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, and soft, reusable ear plugs all in a compact travel bag. As a side option, offer a carry-on travel kit that will have small, reusable bottles in a TSA-friendly, resealable pouch.

Computer Kits

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had all of your computer essentials in a compact case ready to go with you anywhere? It’s a great idea for a swag gift. A useful computer travel kit will have a mini mouse, network cable, USB hub, and retractable ear buds with a microphone. There aren’t many things more useful than that.

Overnight Kits

For hotel dwellers, a well-packed overnight kit is a dream come true. You can get kits to meet a wide audience with unisex products, or cater to meet the needs of men and women individually. You’ll need a company branded case filled with shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, comb, dental floss, soap, shaving cream, hand sanitizer, tissue packs, pain reliever, bandages, breath mints, and any other useful items you can imagine.

Vacation Kits

Are you handing out swag products at a convention near the beach? Offer a beach amenities kit at your booth, including sunscreen, chapstick, bandages, aloe vera gel, and antiseptic towelettes. Guests will love it and be sure to frequent your booth.

Convention Kits

Anytime anyone travels, they’re likely to need something they didn’t think to pack. Get customers on your side with a conventional kit with things just like that. Items might include ibuprofen packets, bandages, antacid, mouthwash, lotion, chapstick, shoe shine, mending kit, lens cleaner, clothing stain removing wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Hospital Visit Kits

For events or businesses involving hospitals, offer a hospital amenities kit to get clientele prepared for hospital overnights. Pack a container full of the essentials for making a hospital stay more comfortable, with a sleep mask, ear plugs, comb, and travel toothbrush and toothpaste. It’ll be a great way to get customers prepared for the unexpected.

Any of these swag travel kits are sure to endear your customers to you. To browse our selection of customizable travel kits, click here.

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