A Step Up from the Ballpoint Pen

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15 Oct A Step Up from the Ballpoint Pen

The most popular promotional item used by businesses is probably the promotional pen, and for good reason—it’s affordable, highly useful, and has the potential to travel miles upon miles after the client uses it. Are you looking to boost your promo product marketing by putting your name on something that’s a step up from the traditional pen? Here are some great options for higher end pens that your clients are sure to want to keep.

Stylus Pen

Want to attract clients who are using the latest technology? A stylus pen like this one is sure to prove useful for any prospective client who uses a smartphone or tablet (which is just about everyone these days).

Highlighter Pen

For another multipurpose tool, you might try a highlighter pen like this one. This is an especially great option if your target demographic takes a lot of handwritten notes (students, business executives, etc.) Many highlighter pens even feature a rubber cap on the top, which also functions as a stylus.

Fountain Pen

Want something more classy? A fountain pen offers a sophisticated and professional touch.

Rollerball Pen

Rollerball pens can also look especially elegant, and they are truly a step up from the standard ballpoint pen. A rollerball pen uses liquid ink rather than thick, oil-based ink (what ballpoint pens use), making for a smoother and more fluid action that is comparable to a fountain pen.

Light Up Pen

For something more interesting, you might try a pen with an added LED light feature built in. Not only does it make for a fun touch, but it’s also incredibly practical for those times when you need to write something down in a dark area.

Magnetic Floating Pen

Want to offer a pen that’s always going to be ready when it’s time to jot something down? A magnetic floating pen makes for a desk accessory that is as interesting as it is practical.

Syringe Pen

Here’s a fun one for healthcare professionals. A syringe pen resembles an actual syringe, only it has the functionality of a pen.

Pen and Notepad Set

Want to offer your customers two promotional products that go well together? A pen and notepad is about as useful as you can get. You might try a pen and notepad combo or a simple pen and sticky note pad combo.

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