Best Swag Giveaways for Company Parties

11 Dec Best Swag Giveaways for Company Parties

Company Christmas PartyThe year’s close comes with various company holiday parties. As you attend or host each, make sure you get the most out of them by offering plenty of swag giveaways to employees and clientele alike.

As you decide what kinds of gifts to bring, think about the time frame. You’ll want swag products that can be made quickly, since most party invitations only give about two weeks notice. You’ll also want products people will actually use. You’ll make much more headway with a swag product people use regularly rather than one that will be tossed in the trash or the back of a drawer. Consider these useful swag products that can be made in a flash:

High Quality Pens

Every company gives away pens as swag gifts, but for a party, have some high quality pens screenprinted with your name on them. People love ball point pens, for example, or you could get pens with pen lights on one end. You can be sure that the recipients will use your pen over the other cheap pens other companies have given them, which ensures brand imprinting.


Perhaps the most effective swag item of all time is the T-shirt. People love free articles of clothing and will wear them around for others to see. That being said, only print the most attractive designs on your t-shirts, or you run the risk of no one wanting to wear them.

Coffee Mugs

A company-branded coffee mug is an easy gift to order and design at a moment’s notice. This gift will be used continually, especially since there are still several months of winter left, so even those who don’t drink coffee can use your mug for their tea, hot cocoa, or cider.


Calendars are perhaps the most useful of swag items, since everyone uses them for their home or business. Whether you order desk calendars or wall calendars, nothing beats a free calendar for writing down appointments and meeting times both at work and at home. Once again, remember to look into attractive designs.

Reusable Water Bottles

People love swag items that they can use over and over again, and your company will love it too. Reusable water bottles with your company name printed upon them are just that item. They keep your customers hydrated and happy while showing off your company brand to passersby.

When you need your last minute swag gifts, don’t hesitate to call our office to place an order.

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