Advice on Self Promotion

28 Jul Advice on Self Promotion

A cardboard yard sale sign is stuffed between two mailboxesDeveloping a strong product or service is already a difficult task, then comes the challenge of getting that product into the hands of consumers. Large companies often have entire marketing departments at their disposal to spread the word. But smaller local companies don’t always have those kinds of resources. Here are a few pieces of advice to help boost your sales through self promoting:

Make good use of social media
Social media changed the face of advertising and remains a cost effective way to spread your brand. But having a page isn’t enough to attract clients. It is important to be active on that page. Post news, events, advice, products, pretty much anything that relates to your brand. Be active on other pages too. Just don’t post sales pitches for your company on another company’s social media page. Instead, foster conversation, and get your brand out there.

Be involved in the community
While social media is an incredibly powerful tool, simply being sociable can also be effective. That means joining community organizations, hosting events, and making appearances at large community activities. Consider getting involved with service opportunities in your area to make yourself more visible to local consumers.

Talk to people
This tip figures into the last one. It doesn’t matter how much face time you get with the public if you aren’t talking to them too. Talk as often as you can about your services. Let people see the energy behind your ideas, and show them that you are worth their time. Practice pitches so that you don’t have to think on your feet if you encounter an opportunity. Most importantly, be genuine and people will respond.

Put your brand on everything
When you send out an email, it should be branded. When you give a presentation with handouts, they should have your brand on them. Everything from your pens to your paper should be covered in your logo. Name recognition sells products. If people know your name, they will be more likely to give your products a closer look. That means making sure your brand is recognizable and, more importantly, recognized. Here are some products that will cost you less than a dollar.

It isn’t enough to just have a fantastic product. You need to be able to sell that product to as many people as possible. Implement these tips to increase the surface area of your marketing campaigns without having to dip too deeply into your company’s coffers.

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