6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

01 Jan 6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSince its creation, social media marketing quickly became one of the most popular—and effective—forms of marketing. In addition to being very effective, it is also completely free. Social media marketing has changed the game and given small businesses and large businesses alike a platform to reach consumers in unprecedented ways. This post will detail some of the most important ways social media marketing has changed the world of advertising.

Increased Brand Recognition

Branding is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. Consumers tend to stick with brands they are familiar with and are hesitant to try new products. After all, their money is on the line and they want to get the best bang for their buck. Social media allows for companies to get more exposure than ever before in a non-aggressive way. This makes it easier for brands to become familiar to new customers and increase their brand recognition.

Improved Social Listening

Hashtags, searches, and other tools allow companies to quickly see what people are saying about them. This gives companies real-time feedback for things they have posted, campaigns they are running, and their social media presence in general.

Better Customer Service

Social media acts as a direct line from consumers to companies. Every customer is one post, comment, or direct message away from contacting a representative of any company. This direct communication helps customers feel like they are being listened to and taken seriously, which drastically improves their experience with companies’ customer service.

Build Customer Loyalty

Studies have shown that customers who follow a company’s social media are more likely to be loyal to that specific business. The customers build a sort of relationship with the businesses they follow, and that relationship causes them to be more loyal to the business.

Higher Conversion Rates

Brands on social media are seen to be more personal and approachable due to the nature of social media. Because of this, consumers feel like they are interacting with people, not corporations, and are more willing to frequent companies that they have interacted with on social media.

It’s Free!

The fact that any company can create and manage a social media account at no cost is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing. Of course, companies can pay other companies to run their social media pages for them and they can pay the social media companies to sponser their ads, but those are optional. In this way, social media marketing puts all companies on a more even playing field, which is great for small businesses and large businesses alike.

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