16 Winter Swag Ideas That Will Impress

01 Jan 16 Winter Swag Ideas That Will Impress

Winter GiftsIf you own a business, you’re no stranger to the appeal of promotional swag products. You should also be aware that the best swag products are both attractive and useful. Winter is a particularly good time to hand out promotional swag products for that reason. Here are 16 very useful items you can give away this winter to promote your business.

1. Coffee Mugs

Hot drink consumption doubles in the winter, making it the perfect time to hand out coffee mugs with your attractive logo screen-printed on the side.

2. Sweaters and Hoodies

Though these are a little more expensive, they will definitely get used if you hand them out when it’s cold, imprinting both the wearer and the passersby with your logo.

3. Ice Scrapers

Print your name on these handy tools necessary for any cold-weather dweller. For an extra handy gift, get scrapers with mitts attached to protect the users’ hands.

4. Thermos

The perfect receptacle for beloved hot drinks and soup on the go.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Germs and bacteria spread ten-fold in the winter time, making hand sanitizer a useful and necessary product for anyone.

6. Hats and Beanies

Most of the heat that escapes from your body goes through your head, making a logo-emblazoned hat or beanie a winter must.

7. Chapstick

The winter sucks moisture from lips, and most people find chapstick a welcome visitor every winter.

8. Scarves

Give your customers a way to keep their necks both warm and stylish.

9. Knit Gloves

It’s easy to have these gloves embroidered with your logo, and no one can ever have enough pairs of these handy warmers.

10. Fleece Blankets

Nothing feels better on a cold winter day than wrapping up in a warm, fleece blanket, which you can provide while building your brand.

11. Breath Mints

Bad breath knows no season, and people love edible swag products!

12. Long Sleeve T-Shirts

T-shirts are perhaps the most effective form of swag product, and for the winter, make them long sleeved.

13. Water Bottles

Studies show that people tend to drink less water in the winter than any other time of the year. Help both your business and your fellow men and women by giving out reusable water bottles as a cheerful reminder to hydrate.

14. First Aid Kit

Winter brings more and more accidents, making it important to have a first aid kit at all times.

15. Beverage Insulators

As we’ve established, people love hot drinks in the winter, so give them something to protect their hands as they sip their hot chocolate, cider, tea, and coffee.

16. Reusable Hand Warmers

Cold hands plague many in the winter, and reusable hand warmers are a useful solution!

Each of these particularly handy swag products are perfect giveaways for the winter. You can build your brand and make your customers happy at the same time!

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