10 More Swag Items Fit for Spring

02 Apr 10 More Swag Items Fit for Spring

Woman with SunglassesLast week, we presented 10 great swag items for spring trade shows and events.   Below are 10 more ideas to help you make your next event a hit!

Sports Jacket

The spring weather isn’t quite warm enough to run around in just a t-shirt, so add a high quality sports jacket to your lineup.  Find something that is sweat-wicking and lightweight, and possibly water proof for the unpredictable spring weather.  

Golf Tees

If your clients like to golf on the weekends, gift them with a branded golf tees for them to take out on the course.   You can either order individual tees, or personalize a nice set.  


Free sunglasses are always a hit.  While most people do have a favorite pair that they take everywhere, they like to have an extra pair just in case.  Promotional sunglasses are quite the hit with millennials, so if you are attending a concert or festival, add them to your lineup, especially  if the event is outside.


Small, portable sunscreen is a must for every spring-swag lineup.  You can get small chapstick sized sunscreen, or something that can clip onto a key ring.  It’s a perfect way to protect yourself (and your clients) on-the-go.  

Drink Koozies

An insulated drink koozie is a great swag item to give away at events.  The cute soda sweater will keep drinks cool while advertising your business.  It’s a win-win.  

Picnic Basket

A cute woven picnic basket is a great swag idea for spring.  Better yet, fill it will “picnic” items like branded sodas, a blanket, treats, etc. for someone to take on their excursion.  This is a great idea for a contest winner.  

Mini Fan

Spring weather can be quite unpredictable, so give away a portable mini fan for days that are just a bit too hot.  There are USB desk fans, battery powered transportable fans, and more.   

Drink Coasters

Coasters are a great way to get your brand in homes, but also protect your clients and customers from unsightly drink circles on their nice coffee tables and other surfaces.  

Hydro Pouch

A hydro pouch is just what you need to set yourself apart at your next tradeshow or event.  These nifty water bottles are reusable and can fold up when not in use.  Perfect for sports enthusiasts on the go!

Pet Water Bottle

Man’s best friend also needs to stay hydrated when adventuring on fun spring outings, so a pet water bottle is a perfect swag item for the season.  Pet water bottles are a great way to let your clients know that you care about more than just business.   

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