A red haired millenial uses a tablet

02 Jan The Most Effective Marketing to Reach Millennials Part 1

Right now, companies are falling over each other as they try to market themselves to the consumer base of the future: millennials. However, millennial-targeted advertising strategies involves a lot more than quirky hashtags and desaturated instagram filters. We are witnessing the first generation that has been raised in the digital era, and companies are still figuring out how to connect with them. So far, here is the winning equation to market to millennial consumers...
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corporate party

01 Dec Set Your Corporate Party Apart with Promo Products

A corporate holiday party at the end of the year is a great way to not only thank your employees for a hard year, but also reinforce your company’s values and image. A successful company party will allow you to strengthen the bond between employees and managers while also underlining what you as a company are all about. Are you looking for ways to make your company party stand out this year? Here are some tips for setting your corporate party apart using promotional products.
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photography props

15 Nov The Best Promo Products for Photographers

More and more photo enthusiasts today are venturing into the world of professional photography and making a living photographing events, family portraits, styled shots, and more. And one thing that truly sets a professional apart from a photo enthusiast is branding. Successful professional photographers work under a memorable business name, run a website where they showcase their work, and make use of a logo to give their business a professional look.
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fountain pen

01 Nov A Guide to Pen Types and Features

As you probably gathered from our blog post about using pens for your promo marketing, there are many different options to choose from when you are selecting a pen to put your logo on. Because navigating these many different options can be difficult, here is a brief guide to common pen types and features.
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various pens

15 Oct A Step Up from the Ballpoint Pen

The most popular promotional item used by businesses is probably the promotional pen, and for good reason—it’s affordable, highly useful, and has the potential to travel miles upon miles after the client uses it. Are you looking to boost your promo product marketing by putting your name on something that’s a step up from the traditional pen? Here are some great options for higher end pens that your clients are sure to want to keep.
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realtor working

01 Oct The Best Promo Products for Realtors

A realtor often holds a special place in a homebuyer’s life, and that makes it all the more important for realtors to have the perfect promotional products to give their clients. A truly great promotional product will prove useful to a new or prospective homeowner, and it will ideally remind the homeowner of a pleasant home buying experience. Here is a look at some great promotional products that you might consider putting your name on if you’re a realtor.
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fall graphic

01 Sep Fall Swag

Everybody loves the fall — with it’s cool, crisp weather, beautiful scenery, and pumpkin everything.   As the days cool and the leaves change colors, it’s time once again to promote your business with a beautiful fall touch.  Read on to discover 10 promotional items that are perfect for the autumn weather.
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