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04 Nov Creative Swag Ideas for Your Next Event

Let’s face it: everybody likes free stuff. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, job fair or another event with a variety of booths from different companies, you will likely notice that the booths that are giving away free stuff get more foot traffic than the booths that don’t. This is why most companies make it a point to give something away whenever they set up a booth at any event.
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20 Sep Easy Customized Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Just in the last few weeks, the weather all over the country has started to take a turn for the colder, which means that the holidays are just around the corner. It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, and especially about holiday gifting. Handmade and customized gifts are often the ones that mean the most, which means that getting a headstart isn’t a bad idea! If you’re excited for the holidays in a few months, here are a few customizable gift ideas!
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01 Aug How to Define Your Brand

When you own a business, one of the most stressful decisions you have to make during the initial stages, is defining your business and deciding what sets it apart. This task is much easier said than done. Often, you feel that it’s impossible to define your business. What sets you apart? The fact that you do your job better than any of your competitors. Right? When it comes down to it, just making that claim won’t be enough to convince anyone that you’re better than your competitors. Here are our tips to define your brand and set yourself apart.
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A pail for trick-or-treating

10 Oct Great Promo Products for Halloween

Halloween truly represents the beginning of the holiday season. As such, it’s a good idea for businesses and organizations who want to represent their brands during the holidays to get a jumpstart during Halloween. However, you shouldn’t just slap your brand on anything. You should change what you are doing to fit into the particular time of year. Here are some great promo product ideas that you can utilize during the Halloween season...
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A reusable bag full of food

01 Sep Eco Friendly Promo Product Ideas for Fall

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to use promotional products that people need, depending on the time and place where they will see those products. Now that we’re entering into fall, it’s worth looking at what promo products people may be inclined to use during this season. As the leaves change harvest seasons begin, you can do your part to be environmentally friendly by offering promo products that are eco friendly. Here are some ideas for green promo products to giveaway in the fall!
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28 Jul Advice on Self Promotion

A cardboard yard sale sign is stuffed between two mailboxesDeveloping a strong product or service is already a difficult task, then comes the challenge of getting that product into the hands of consumers. Large companies often have entire marketing departments at their disposal to spread the word. But smaller local companies don’t always have those kinds of resources. Here are a few pieces of advice to help boost your sales through self promoting:
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01 Jun The Issues of Clip Art

A classic clip art womanOne of the most common mistakes that small businesses make with their branding and marketing is using clip art. Clip art found online is seen as a cheap, simple way to use graphic design elements in marketing materials. However, just because it can be so easy, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good branding option. Here are a few of the issues that come with using clip art in your business.
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01 May Choosing the Right Promo Product for Your Brand

promotional capPromo products are a great way to market your company by getting your business’s logo and branding into the hands of potential customers. But have you ever wondered which promo product might be best for your business? Some promo products will be better for your business than others, after all, depending on what you’d like to communicate about your brand.
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01 Apr How Brand Power Lifts Revenue

A light bulb shines in a man's hand.If a company truly wants to grow and expand its bottom line, then there few things that are more detrimental to getting to the next level than prioritizing process efficiency over brand power (not that efficiency isn’t highly important; it is). A company with a strong brand has considerable advantages over companies who do not. While this might seem obvious, there are plenty of companies that forego the brand building experience because the initial investment has returns that are hard to track, initially. Here is some information about how brand power lifts revenue...
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